Armies of Decadence

Hooray! yet another era of clothing I need to learn about :)

This time, all happened because of an I-dare-you moment to appear as a themed group at the WGT. The theme: Rococo and camouflage.
And here we have my rococo-inspired WTF for the WGT 2011 – loosely based on dresses from 1750-75. I chose white snow camouflage because all the other colours were already taken. My special WTF is based on certain Star Wars aspects of the outfit, more on that in the description below.

First the invisible items: a pair of bodies which belong to an earlier era (I opted for this pattern because the shape is more or less the same, and I plan more Tudor-inspired outfits) and pocket hoops.

The visible parts of the outfit all integrate certain hints – the white fabric itself references Storm Troopers and Hoth, the snowy planet. From it I made a jupe (3m of the camouflage fabric), and the remaining umpteen meters were used up for the Francaise itself (herself?) with lots of decoration.

The WFT is topped with a tiny cap with a Snowspeeder as they were used during the Battle of Hoth to bring AT-ATs down.

I embroidered the Allianco logo to the dress front.

Seen at WGT (with BlackAngel)


and at  10th anniversary of Schwarzer Reigen.

I later came to like this era a lot, but I don’t like the billowing back so much.


A Perfect Circle – Annihilation