Summertime is coming

… glaubt zumindest das Wetter. Und unsere Walderdbeere.


Nachdem es jetzt tagsüber immer so heiß war, ging ich einfach vorwiegends abends und nachts fort :) zum Beispiel um Jo Quail und KrashKarma zu sehen (eine schräge, aber gute Mischung).

Ganz anders, aber ebenso schön war das Sommernachtskonzert im Schloßpark – zu den Sternen schauen und dabei ein Orchester zu hören ist einfach wunderbar.

Viel besser als manche Reviewer fand ich das Musical Lazarus, eine schöne Hommage an einen großen Künstler.

Beim Schwarzen Reigen gelang es mir, meine Stiefel kaputtzutanzen :D     D`:


Die Woche darauf beehrte uns John Cleese mit einem Abendprogramm über die Pythons, die Wissenschaft hinter dem Humor generell, und gesammelten Weisheiten und silly things zu Leben und Tod.

Und beim Novarock waren Iron Maiden wie immer genial <3



Monty Pythons – Always look on the bright side of life


WGT 2018

Whew – we went to WGT and it was incredible!

This year I managed to enjoy quite a few bands despite not stressing out over how many date clashes occur (since that happens every year).


Thursday started with an early flight, dropping off our luggage at the hotel, having copious amounts of breakfast and joining the others who had arrived the day before.
We went on a boat tour in the afternoon. Slowly cruising through the little channels that weave through the area was an amazing experience since one gets a unique view of lavish gardens and historical industrial buildings. Our captain/tour guide filled the 90 minutes with lots and lots of information on the history of the channels, architecture, economics, society, and current and historical states of affairs.

In the evening we joined the others to celebrate Blaue Stunde. This year we were early enough for the first time to actually see the sun set and the first stars appear.


On Friday we dressed up and went to listen to Koraktor at Sixtina. We got to hear their interpretation of Todesfuge, which was very intense.

The picnic (alternative picnic, not the one in Clara-Zetkin-Park) afterwards was cancelled due to bad weather, so we went to Agra and did a bit of leisurely shopping there. I got a brooch/pendant from Manufaktur Herzblut.
In the evening we managed to wedge into Stadtbad to see Ash Code, and the day ended at Kuppelhalle with some gin and tonic… I guess :)


Saturday was an opportunity to dress up for another picnic, or rather fancy get-together at an actual castle :)
To contrast the afternoon experience, we changed and went to Agra to see 3Teeth, and later at night a special concert by Wardruna – a magical experience.


Sunday was noise day at Täubchenthal: Greyhound, then a stopover at Felsenkeller to catch Dool (which I had missed at Metal Meeting), then back to Kiew.


On Monday we managed to get into Heidnisches Dorf which had been too crowded the days before, and I bought a cover for my ebook reader.

In the evening we met the others at Vodkaria for a last round of drinks and talking about our  festival highlights of the previous days.

Tuesday – WGT blues day – started with saying goodbye to the ones that left after breakfast. We went to the zoo for a few hours and spent a pleasurable afternoon. The evening plane took us home.

I do wonder if the blues feeling would be less pronounced if the festival lasted a few days longer…

Die Schatten des WGT

Laut Wetterbericht werden es wirklich schattige Pfingsten mit wenigen Graden, juhu!

Zuvor aber haben wir noch eine etwas anders gelagerte Veranstaltung besucht

(Spaß mit Gutalax, Nifelheim, Obscura, Tiamat und Abbath).


Und pünktlich zum WGT habe ich zwei Outfits fertiggestellt:

Gruftitarn (wenn mal wieder zuviele Fotographen umherlaufen) und streifiges Absinthkoko für den Göttertanz.


Last night we, the Amphi squad, took ourselves to see Gary Numan during his Savage tour – what a great concert and performance!


I was too preoccupied with dancing, so this is the only picture of the night – travelling home at night with a happy, blurry mind.