the mantis

Welcome to my blog.

Nothing extraordinary to be found here, it is kept for my personal pleasure, as a way to keep notes about work-related stuff, to present pictures to my friends, and for generic annoyance otherwise.

Why the nick: the mantis religiosa is an awesome creature. Religion, on the other hand – produces some doubtful creatures. That’s why I prefer not to have a religion. But to each her own.


  • naturally high (doesn’t require additional substances, but black tea helps)
  • listens to lots of music of many genres, preferably Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Covenant, Georg Kreisler, VNV Nation, Dresden Dolls, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, T-N-T, Dead Can Dance (in autobiographical order)
  • chirps at diaspora
  • harbours a secret love for biology (thank you Rosalind)
  • prefers reading, horseriding, biking, hiking, running and snowboarding over watching TV
  • contributes to a collection of tech knowledge
  • Falconer
  • Wanderreitf├╝hrerin



The mantis loves to play!

My Chore Wars character

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