Winter is coming

and I needed new clothes – it is known.

From Melwen I received an adorable pattern for a jersey top with a fake shrug which is really quick to make. The skirt patterns I made up. And now without further ado, 6 work days with new outfits:

Grey wool skirt and shrug shirt with fabulous peacock pattern (the fabric was a gift from Melwen)

a salvaged skirt I bought years ago (and just lined because that wool is itchy as hell) with a patterned shrug shirt and knitted grey leg warmers. And I find it funny that the girl on the shirt wears a skirt very similar to mine. Yes I am easily entertained. Sew me*.

green wool skirt with green shrug shirt

simple grey wool skirt paired with a shirt and knitted leg warmers

black recycled skirt and black/white shrug shirt

and a purple skirt I made long ago, with a pullover.



Cake – Short skirt/long jacket





* I also like bad puns. Punish me.

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