Magrat Garlick

A friend of mine celebrates a Discworld-themed birthday party, and I want to go sans having to make a new outfit. I love the Discworld series for many reasons, one of them its many cool female characters: Susan Sto-Helit, Adora Belle Dearheart, Angua von Ɯberwald, and of course the witches. Of the Lancre coven, I think Magrat Garlick’s character is closest to my nature (despite her esoteric eccentricities), so the choice has been easy for me:)

She has been depicted as a sweet flower maiden in the animation movies, and as having a bad hair day everyday by Paul Kidby. This illustration on the other hand is far from what I would imagine the Coven to look, but impressive nevertheless.

Magrat is also described as a gentle parody of New Age pagans. I can do that too! I will use this dress as a starting point.




Puscifer – Verde River

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