Stomach fights back

The cafeteria at work does not like vegetarians (or any type of good food, for that matter), so I started doing regular DIY lunches. Of course the puzzle-loving part of my brain instantly fell in love with the Japanese art of bento – but I haven’t looked into traditional bento recipes yet. Instead I made Ento and OriEnto (mock duck, resp. falafel, hummus and vegetables), or packed leftovers and the like.

Before I invested in dedicated dishes (yes, bento boxes have caused many many addicted collectors), I decided to try myself and see if I could persist making lunch for both of us at least three times per week; two weeks passed and  I managed not to lose patience (I do simple dishes; but of course cooking and kitchen cleaning still require time every day). But it really helps if the other person likes the stuff you cook :)

Now I’ve ordered two types of bento dish (modern yet pretty bento-dedicated boxes from the French company Monbento, and ordinary glass storage boxes which can be microwaved) to be used in the future. And I do hope I don’t succumb to foodography and bore you to tears with tons of bento box pictures :)  (but those chances are slim – lucky us).

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