Holiday bento

Since I have some days off, I tried some new recipes that fit into bento boxes. The Japanese omelette was very yummy, but we didn’t get to eat it cold because the thing miraculously vanished immediately.

For today’s workshops I made something light:  simple zucchini-ricotta wraps to celebrate my zucchini harvest.

And tonight’s dinner: to use my oven efficiently, I put in two things together: a tiny olive-cheese cake (savoury, not sweet) and a nice big piece of quiche lorraine (minus the egg, and with smoked tofu instead of ham, and I used a square dish instead of a round, because I am a Яebel!). The cake is to be eaten with some salad, and the quiche is frozen in small portions for busy times when there’s no time for cooking. Both pieces rapidly diminished just now *ahem*


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