The never-ending discussion

Actually, there are as many never-ending discussions as there are topics in this world.

As for the question: what is steampunk fashion? I found a compelling piece written by Mr. G.D. Falksen which I like for three reasons; the first one being its positive attitude and gentle approach of guiding to-be-steampunkers towards an approach I heartily approve of: namely to be creative and think for oneself. In other words, imagine the character you want to bring to life, her character, her profession, her quirks; then carefully create the outfit and show it to the world saying: “I think this is steampunk because” – instead of just being the umpteenth person with gear-encrusted goggles.

Another reason is the choice of awesome illustrations that accompany the article. And lastly, this quote: “If you’re afraid that your outfit is ‘too Victorian’ you’re probably doing it right.”

Eleanor Vivian 1885-08
Yours truly, travelling in time and style

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