Almost milk

I try to be a good vegetarian, but I really really like my milk. So I tried to find substitutes and tested them with tea, my favourite coffee, café au lait, cocoa, and muesli/corn flakes.

Spar Natur pur Bio Soja Drink: a little watery, I was not convinced.

Natuerlich fuer uns Sojadrink Natur Calcium – Zielpunkt has it. It’s too bitter for my taste though.

Provamel Soya Natural (unsweetened)

  • works well in tea.
  • It’s a bit watery, but acceptable with the right amount of cocoa.

Alpro Soya light

  • I made a bowl of café au lait with it and must say: not too bad. Creamy/milky enough for my taste, not too dominant.
  • It works with cornflakes as well.

Alpro Soya

Provamel Reis-Mandel

  • gives coffee a nice nutty taste and is creamy enough

Billa Bio Soja Drink
Rewe Bio Soja Drink
Alnatura Reis drink Natur – todo
Natumi SoWell Soja-Reis-Hafer
Alpro Mandelmilch

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