Books 2012

Thanks to my ebook reader I managed to get through some books last year.

  1. The Blind Watchmaker (Richard Dawkins)
  2. Do the math: secrets, lies and algebra (Wendy Lichtman)
  3. Do you think you are clever? (Libby Purves)
  4. Living with Saints (Mary O’Connell)
  5. Dracula (Bram Stoker)
  6. Against the grain (Joris-Karl Huysmans)
  7. Wool 1-5 (Hugh Howey)
  8. The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)
  9. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (Seth Graham-Smith)
  10. All fun and games until somebody loses an eye (Christopher Brookmyre)
  11. The Gaslight Chronices: Steam and sourcery (Cindy Spencer Pape)
  12. The Gaslight Chronices: Phantoms and photographs (Cindy Spencer Pape)
  13. The Gaslight Chronices: Kilts and kraken (Cindy Spencer Pape)
  14. Mass Effect – Ascension (Drew Karpyshyn)
  15. Lost in a good book (Jasper Fforde)
  16. Mass Effect – Retribution (Drew Karpyshyn)
  17. Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood)
  18. Clean Code – Robert C. Martin
  19. Reality is broken (Jane McGonigal)
  20. His dark materials: Northern lights (Philip Pullman)
  21. His dark materials: The subtle knife (Philip Pullman)
  22. The hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

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