A new Victorian project: a polonaise (TV410) made from this fabric:

Can you hear it screaming STEAMPUNK?

And a deadline for version 0.1: the AMPHI Festival 2010 in Cologne, where I’ll celebrate my 29th birthday.
(v0.1 because lace for the skirt hems will not arrive in time, and the fabric is mighty enough to wear even without lace).

I’ll wear it with my trusty white underskirt from the stripes of madness outfit, and I think I’ll make short poufy sleeves which leave the arms free for SP gear (or time to show my nice crocheted gloves, courtesy of dawanda).
Possible accessories:

  1. a (no longer available) dragonfly latex choker: very, very nice, but latex jewellery needs care. So a better alternative would be
  2. a lace choker. Do admire this marvelous specimen, Lady Clankington’s Cog choker – and please read its story. Not for sale so there’s option number
  3. a collar made of feathers, like this Antique Beast specimen. Maybe I’ll put one together sometime. For the Amphi however I ordered
  4. dragonflies from a Dawanda shop (pictures to come).

Wore v0.1 at the Amphi, and loved it! *whee*

And V1.0 has been trimmedt with black lace; I wore it at WGT 2011.

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