Summer sky bustle

Another project: a serious(?) Victorian summer polonaise to go over a white underskirt.

I cut and stitched most of the pieces. Before that, I used heavy twill to flatline the upper part, which works quite well. Also I applied netting to the skirt part, as the blue-grey linen is really thin and draping would not work otherwise. A big big kiss goes to Kupferfeuer who helped me adjust the pattern.

Act II: I walked into a bar fabric shop and my lining fabric was there, waiting for me:

So I continued working – and now it is done :)
Wearing the finished dress I made a decent witness at my friend’s wedding, I think.

Made a small update and added little sleeves – pics to come :)

And I think a neck corset would go well with that dress, as a nod to the Steampunk movement.


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