Books 2019

  1. Hidden Figures (Margot Lee Shetterly)
  2. Logik für Demokraten (Daniel-Pascal Zorn)
  3. Pride of Baghdad (Brian K. Vaughan)
  4. Schadenfreude (Tiffany Watt Smith))
  5. Factfulness (Hans Rosling)
  6. Born a crime (Trevor Noah)
  7. The Iliad (Homer)
  8. Haltung (Reinhold Mitterlehner)
  9. The Book of Human Emotions: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty (Tiffany Watt Smith)
  10. Die Fugger. Geschichte einer Augsburger Familie (Mark Häberlein)
  11. Die Tochter des Vercingetorix (Jean-Yves Ferri)
  12. Die Ibiza-Affäre (Bastian Obermayer, Frederik Obermaier)
  13. Machine Learning – kurz und gut (Chi Nhan Nguyen, Oliver Zeigermann)
  14. Was auf dem Spiel steht (Philip Blom)
  15. The Handmaid’s Tale – Graphic Novel (Margaret Atwood)
  16. The Testaments (Margaret Atwood)
  17. Am Tag zu heiß und nachts zu hell (Hanns-Christian Gunga)
  18. 21 Lektionen für das 21. Jahrhundert (Yuval Noah Harari)
  19. Tiamat’s Wrath (James S.A. Corey)
  20. Women in aviation (Julian Hale)
  21. Debt of Bones (Terry Goodkind)
  22. Wizard’s First Rule (Terry Goodkind)
  23. Stone of Tears (Terry Goodkind)
  24. The weekly editions of Falter
  25. The monthly editions of Datum

I started changing my library to hardcovers, as they last much longer than paperbacks. Some of my favourite editions are Penguin’s Vintage Dystopian Classics, and the Penguin Clothbound Classics. After an initial shopping frenzy started by the Clothbound Series, I started reading these beautiful books and picked a classic: Homer’s Iliad. It gave me delightful flashbacks to our first encounter: aged 14, having been gifted a thoroughly battered translated edition from our school’s library (I think half the cover was missing, but I remember that it was a classic translation by Gustav Schwab).
This book went missing during the years, and I’m all the more happy to have been able to obtain such a beautiful version now.

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