More puzzling

The third installment of jigsaw meditation was a harder challenge since the motif contains a substantial area in the upper left with lots of greyish-beige pieces with no discernible features.

However the cat is adorable <3
And maybe you noticed the similarity; the motif is by Jane Crowther (bugart).

The fourth jigsaw, which I borrowed from Marion, was more relaxing since it basically is four little jigsaws in one:

First I did the individual borders, starting with Winter since the blue star border was kind of captivating. Then it was filling out the four seasons, and finally doing the floral border that encircles the four panels.

I noticed how jigsaws help me appreciate fine art even more since I’m basically forced to notice lots of the little details for the first time.

Can you see how detailed Autumn is, compared to the others? All of them are given seasonal plants of course, but Autumn rises from an ornate chair, she has a mosaic “halo”, and her dress is richly decorated. Did Mucha have a favourite season then? :)

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