Rococo-ish: a summary

Rococo – home of some really weird dress shapes, and weird outfits in general.

A weak moment and the decision to be part of a group of people with a Rococo-inspired dress code were the reasons for my first contact with this period. The result was the Star Wars Francaise which I was moderately satisfied with. However I never thought I’d make more outfits referencing this period, but somehow it grew on me to the point where I think it is downright fabulous: The bodies are awesome for getting some actual eating done, and they obviously had fun going over the top with their outfits a lot (until finally losing their heads *ahem*).

I conceived a codename/persona for this period, la Comtesse, whom I envision to be sufficiently wealthy to wear the moderately fancy clothes I plan to make.

Historical accuracy: completely optional, as always :)


So, what happened? what will happen?

  1. Star Wars version 2
  2. Hiding in black
  3. Goth Anglaise
  4. Pirate Anglaise – Navigator
  5. Pirate Pierrot – Captain
  6. Striped gown
  7. Dragonfly gown
  8. Cyberkoko
  9. BSG redingote
  10. Caramel airship pirate
  11. Rock the rococo

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