1880ies coat for cold winters

In 2008 Truly Victorian released a pattern for a late bustle coat. Needless to say I love it and had to have it. No idea yet how the final product will look like, but one can never go wrong with sombre colours and trimmings on the trimmings.

Note to everybody: this pattern (unlike the other TV patterns) has NO side part, only BACK and SIDE BACK ( I mention this because I spent one hour running through the flat looking for the supposedly missing pattern piece).

On page 187 of Harper’s Bazar (Stella Blum, Dover Publications) a nice example for a winter coat can be seen:


Mine will be less elaborately trimmed though.


  • I made a mock-up which looks promising.
  • Decided on the final version (short back laying on top of the bustle, front longer). Lifts some weight off the bustle.
  • Bought a piece of black fake fur for trimming the seams.
  • Played the pattern tetris on a piece of nice black woollen fabric.
  • Found warm lining.

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