Blaspheming in Antwerp

Whee, a new installment of the Gala Nocturna. Tickets, hotel and flight are booked, now it is high time to make the dress: My inspiration is the Venetian Lady (1495) by Albrecht Durer, it is even hailing from the correct country (pope, Italy, yadda). Also remarkable is the cut of the gown: High waist, low shoulders with a pretty V shape. No idea how she manages not to fall out of her dress, but certainly pretty.

If you look at it closely, the overskirt has a paisley pattern which I’ll try to replicate on my dress. The colours are dark violet and black, as seen on the sketch below: I have made a violet base gown on which layer(s) of black chiffon (hopefully with paisley pattern) will be draped. And I will try to find elaborate trims to finish the gown.  The sleeves – well, there are so many sleeve variations to chose from.


I found other examples of the time here.

Not much blaspheming in the design so far; this might happen on my head: maybe a halo look (see for example Jessica Stam for JP Gaultier – heck, the whole collection is wheee). Then again, why not something classical; I am undecided.


And holy hell, was I underdressed at the venue. Next time there will be decidedly less A factor!



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