Winter bustle

Victorians knew that winter was coming!

Planned are TV381 as skirt and bodice TV463.
Black wool, with red accents, and a bit of pattern Tetris. Stay tuned!

In my stash I’ve found a red fabric which is the basis for the skirt (I mentioned there will be pattern Tetris, right?) and I’ve cut and folded the front shirring.
After obtaining very thin black wool, I continued drafting, and (after a surprisingly short time of folding the front panels of the skirt) the upper half is finished, including the waistband.

I’ve made a test piece for the bodice which looked quite sane. Melwen, BlackAngel and Jinxx helped me adjust it, I’ve joined the interlining with the wool and sewn the bodice. Now only nice pictures for this entry are missing ;)

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