Play online Poker without money in this excellent Texas Hold'em Flash game.
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Try a few rounds of Poker without risking money in this online Flash game. The goal of the game is to become Governor of Texas. You need a lot money for this plan so you try to earn it by playing Poker. With the money you can buy buildings or transport routes to new parts of the country. Your opponents are funny, animated computer characters.

You can play it in the window of your web browser:
Governor of Poker

Very short version of the Texas Hold'em Poker rules
First you are dealt 2 cards. Then the dealer puts 5 cards on the table. Using your 2 cards and 3 pieces of the community cards you can arrange your Hand. If you've got an Ace and there's another one on the table this means you've got a pair of aces. The player with the best hand gets all the chips from the pot.

Defeat all opponents on the table
You win the table when you've won all the chips from the other players. Win many rounds of Poker to earn lots of money! Of course you don't play for real money, it's just a video game.

Poker controls
At the bottom there are 4 buttons for your Poker actions:

FOLD:You fold your cards and don't participate in the current round anymore.
FOLD & SKIP:You fold and jump straight to the end of the round.
CHECK:You stay in without raising the pot.
RAISE:You raise, others have to pay this sum or fold.

Note the triangle on the upper part of the screen. Click on it to get to the Options menu.

Good luck with this great online Poker game!