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Destroy all fruit containers

It's your mission to clear all 35 storage rooms of the alien invaders. When all fruit has been removed, the galactic intruders have to leave our planet with an empty stomach.
On the left you can see a room full of bombs. But what to do with them?

Lemon eggplants

Not a delicious mediterranean dish. But the stuff that is stored in this room. And what about that rolling skull monster? Hint: You can use it by making it bump into bricks and break them.

Can you solve one of the most challenging free games available on the web?

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for Windows PCs
size 1.0 MB

Description of the game
An original twist on Arkanoid where you control the ball instead of the pad and solve logical puzzles like in Boulder Dash or similar classic games.

How to play the game?
Your goal is to remove the colored fruit blocks in 35 puzzle rooms by hitting them with your jumping ball. You can only smash blocks that have the same color as your ball. Change your color by hitting switches. Avoid skulls that have your color.

Game controls
Cursor keys or 1,2 on num pad: move ball left / right
Space / shift: increase ball's vertical speed
ESC to open the game menu

The games has been tested to be free of viruses, spyware or other malicious programs.