Free games

You can download the following games completely for free. They are freeware full versions containing all levels, no time limitations or other restrictions. All games have been tested and are free of viruses or adware.

Summer Bound

Summer Bound is a free game which blends arcade action with puzzle solving.

Hit all colored bricks with your jumping balls in the 30 levels of this free game. You can only remove bricks in your color. Change your ball's color by touching color switches. Beware of the skull blocks with your color! And watch out for the rolling jack'o'lanterns!

Further infos on the game and a short instruction can be found on this page: Summer Bound

You can get the free game and install it on your computer by clicking on Download.
for Windows PCs
size 0.7 MB

Frozen Fruits

The classic freeware game which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Destroy all containers with frozen fruit in the storage rooms of the aliens! This free game comes with 35 tricky levels which challenge your dexterity and your logical thinking. The levels offer varied gameplay - there a bombs, different kinds of enemies, teleport fields, etc.

This page explains how to play Frozen Fruits: Frozen Fruits

You can download the free Frozen Fruits game by clicking on Download.
for Windows PCs
size 1.0 MB