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The tennis ball family has been kidnapped by mean monsters. Only Yello the small jumping ball was left behind. He embarks on a perilous journey to Monster Land to rescure his relatives.
Bound Around is the biggest and best part in the series of Bound games. Jump with your tennis ball through a Super Mario - like world and find the magical stars which are hidden behind more than 160 doors. With the stars you can unlock new areas of the game world.
Click on Download to download the free trial version. It contains 12 levels which are not too easy. Can you solve them all?
for Windows PCs
size 2.0 MB

Bound Around has been released for Apple Mac.
Visit this page for the Mac Version.

How to get the full version?
The full version of Bound Around has more than 160 levels. It comes with the game Frozen Fruits X as a free bonus. It's the sequel to the popular Frozen Fruits game.
Please visit the Bound Around order page to get the full version.

What to do in the game?
Explore a big Super Mario-like world and earn all 160 magic stars which are hidden behind doors thoughout the land. Smash all colored blocks in a room to earn a magic star. You can only destroy bricks which have the same color as your ball. Change your color by using color switches. Avoid skull bricks which have your color! The gameplay is a little bit like Arkanoid, only that you control the ball and not the pad.

Game controls
Cursor keys or 1,2 on num pad: move ball left / right
Space / shift / ctrl: increase ball's vertical speed
ESC opens the game menu

Game hints and solutions
Please visit the game hints page for hints and solutions to the hardest rooms.