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Break the colored bricks with your jumping ball

This fun and free Bound Around - spin-off features 30 puzzle rooms with moderate difficulty. Starting easy the game gets harder as you advance. This original game is completely free to download.

Attack of the pumpkin monster

There's a pumpkin monster rolling around on the upper part of this level. Watch out not to get caught by it! Maybe it can help you to get rid of the green bricks. Logical puzzles of this kind are making Summer Bound a charming experience. First you've got to plan how to solve a level. Then you've got to execute the plan without being killed.

Download the freeware game by clicking on Download. Good luck!
for Windows PCs
size 0.7 MB

What's the goal of the game?
Clear all colored blocks in 30 rooms by hitting them, when your ball has the same color. Outwit the enemy creatures that chase you. Use special items like bombs and power hearts to gain access to blocks which seem impossible to reach first.

Game controls
Cursor keys or 1,2 on num pad: move ball left / right
Space / shift: increase ball's vertical speed
ESC brings up the game menu

Level solutions
If you get stuck on a level, please visit the hints and solution page. There you will find hints for the games and solutions for the levels.