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Bound Around for PC und Mac

Bound Around is an original mix of action game and puzzle game.

Bound Around is the perfect game for players who enjoy action games with logical puzzles. You are in control of a yellow, jumping tennis ball. Jump through the big game world and get 160 stars from the levels. Destroy all colored blocks in the rooms to earn a star. But avoid the skulls when you've got the same color! more Infos on the game
You can download the demo version by clicking on Download. It contains 12 levels which are not easy to solve. Can you complete the whole demo?
for Windows PCs
size 2.0 MB

The game is also available for Apple Mac.
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Free games

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On the free games page you can download some freeware full versions of games.
Download these games:
  • Summer Bound: Clear 30 colorful levels from all blocks. The game's rather easy and it's an ideal starting point for people who don't know any of the Bound games yet.
  • Frozen Fruits: Try to complete all 35 tricky levels of this challenging arcade-puzzle game classic!
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Poker without money

In the Flash game Governor of Poker you can play online poker without money.

In the times of the Wild West you're aiming to become Governor of Texas. You only lack one thing - a lot of money. On the poker table you are competing against funny computer opponents. When you've won enough money, you can buy new buildings and unlock new areas of the game. Why? To win even more money with Texas Hold'em Poker!

Get to the poker game here: Online poker without money