Mineral news from Southern Africa

The following section should provide quite information of new mineral findings in the main and most prominent mineral sites of Southern Africa. Karl will be giving short information of new specimens coming out of the different mines as well as the other sites in South Africa. The main sites will be mentioned and information will be added chronologically as time passes. Locations shall be dealt with that are still "bringing minerals to the surface" - historic locations such as Messina are discussed on the page about the main mineral sites.

The information is of course not meant to be a complete overview of the new mineral coming out of Southern Africa. It would be very helpful if the readers could contribute to the information that is on this page by sending any news of new specimens from Southern Africa as well as give information about various activities that are related to mineral collecting (shows, mineral meetings, etc.). Please send your contributions to me, Martin Messner,
by email

Mineral News index:

1 Kalahari Manganese Field (Kuruman area) [RSA]
2 Witwatersrand Basin (wits gold mines) [RSA]
3 Rosh Pinah [NAM]
4 The Phalaborwa Complex (Palabora Mine) [RSA]
5 Pigs peak [Swaziland]
6 Spitzkoppe [Nam]
7 Brandberg [Nam]
8 Mount Malosa [Southern Malawi]

Kalahari Manganese Field (Kuruman area) [RSA]

Witwatersrand Basin (wits gold mines) [RSA]

Rosh Pinah [NAM]
DateNew Specimens FoundDescrioption
June 1997Orange Barite

The Phalaborwa Complex (Palabora Mine) [RSA]

Pigs peak [Swaziland]

Spitzkoppe [Nam]

Brandberg [Nam]
DateNew Specimens FoundDescrioption
June 1997Amethyst with liquid and gas inclusionsVery good quality
June 1997Smokey quartz on prehinite
August 1998Amethyst with liquid and gas inclusionsGood quality

Mount Malosa [Southern Malawi]
DateNew Specimens FoundDescrioption
June 1998Aegirine crystals associated with smoky quartz, microcline, zircon Outstanding quality
June 1998Euhedral parisite crystals associated with aegerineUp to 3.2cm long
June 1998Arfvedsonite crystals Unfortunately, rather weathered
June 1998Psuedomorphic limonite after cubic pyrite crystals that are clustered on a terminated aegerine crystal Group is 4.6 cm

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