A new semester of dancing

We’ve ended the winter semester with a hafla, and it was great fun with awesome pieces.

I wasn’t at the top of my game during the choreo, and I already know why that is: not enough practise during the winter holidays  because total anti-motivation (not dance-specific though). However we’ll continue working on the choreo during the summer semester, so it’ll be fine.

I also danced in one of the impro groups, and we had maps of Tasmania! :D


Next week the summer classes start, and I’ll just continue with Impro II, III plus the choreo class. It’s two evenings of coming home late, but it’s worth it. Resolutions are obviously: improving choreo, and improving impro style (getting more proficient with skirt moves, better posture).

There are some big events coming up as well: Tribalconvention in April, and Caravanseray in August. Manca Pavli will give workshops in April, and I’ll have to check which ones are suitable for me.

At Caravanseray we’ll see workshops with Samantha Emanuel and Lamia Barbara among others. I’m just waiting until the schedule is released, then I’ll decide.

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