Skirt experiments

After reading some tutorials I came up with a simple recipe for bubble skirts:

  • take jersey fabric and sew a waistband (about 3/4 of hip circumference, for me it’s about 75cm wide, and  20cm long, to get a 10cm wide waistband)
  • take a rectangle of about 100x200cm, so you get a finished skirt with about 50cm length and a seam of 200cm
  • sew to a tube at 100cm side edges
  • start the skirt seam: fold one end of the tube to 120cm (a very generous measure of my lower hip)
  • add pouf: take 3 layers of tulle (I just folded 1.5m of tulle to get 3 layers of 50cm length) and pin it to skirt
  • fold skirt fabric tube in half
  • fold remaining raw edge of tube to match the skirt seam (for me it’s 120cm again)
  • pin waistband to skirt seam
    • you have to stretch it to match skirt seam
    • I rotated the two folded seams 90 degrees because I hoped this would give the skirt more volume
  • sew skirt and waistband together using a straight stitch
  • voilĂ 


No. 1


No. 2 is a bit longer, but with narrower hem  (140cm), and rotated 180 instead of 90 degrees, which resulted in a tulip shape


And something completely different: a recycled men’s long skirt cut down to match my body




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