Everyday sewing fortnight

Just like the historical sewing fortnight (HSF), I made an everyday wear list for myself. I like comfortable clothes, and my colour palette is mostly limited to black, greys, and berry colours, sometimes shades of green.

Some outfits are half-done and need some editing, others are in the planning stage.


#1 The sheath dress: I have a nice Burda pattern for that, and the fabric as well.

#2 Wardrobe update: way back I made a simple skirt from wool and some heavy upholstery fabric. And I made a very big jacket with Victorian overtones which is half-finished. And now I don’t like the jacket very much anymore, which calls for a creative salvation process.

#3 Wardrobe update: a red skirt. No, it did not die. It just refused to come together in an outfit until now (see also #8)

#4 Skirt: I have no warm little black skirt (LBS), but I have the fabric. And inspiration such as this felt skirt.

#5 Wardrobe update: there’s a shirt and a green skirt which are done, and plans for a jacket, but I’m no longer sure how I want it to look.

#6 The grey skirt: there it is. I haven’t worn it since the wedding, so it clearly needs some styling.

#7 The night out: I have fabric for these leggings.

#8 The black jack(et): yes, I need one.

#9 The irritating case of making trousers: I really need to make a simple pattern for trousers.

#10 Wardrobe update: a green dress is being revived.

#11 The dark mori: simple and comfy.

#12 Wardrobe update: a maxi skirt.

#13 Dark mori layers: this shawl/poncho looks easy enough, but this one has a better shape..

#14 Romantic pullover. Knit for knat…

#15 Dark mori layers: striped grey knitwear for a sleeveless dress/tunic thingie.

#16 Accessories: loop scarves and a bag, small but nice.

#17 Dark mori layers: voluminous skirt (doubles as petticoat)

#18 Dark mori layers: sleeveless (under)dress with lace seam. Useful also for hot summers.

#19 A quilted vest: a vest like this one, but made from wool/felt.

#20 Wardrobe update: a maxi dress.

#21 Recycling: I turned an XL men’s long skirt  into a me-sized short skirt. Bonus: it has pockets!

#22 A coat: I like this one als well as this coat pattern.

#23 skirts: DIY bubble skirts and a stripey skirt I only sew because I want to test a theory.

#24 a piece from Pattern Magic: Stretch fabric.




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