CarVie 2014 workshops II and party

I blacked my shins during Floorwork Reloaded with Doro, but I learned quite a few things too. Mostly that my triceps should be trained more, and that it’s never as easy as professional dancers make it look like :)
But I was pretty content the next day to see that I had not hurt any bones or muscles which means I did the movements correctly.

In the evening we were at the party and enjoyed great performances. It amazes me every time how much creativity and versatility is brought to the table by the members of the tribal family.
After seeing the others dance so gracefully, it felt weird to do impro on the same stage but hey – one has to start somewhere.

The last workshop of this year’s CarVie was Dynamic Duels with Nakari. We learned a short slow duo choreo which morphs into impro. I realised again that I am slow when it comes to take in new choreos; but I assume one can only stubbornly continue to dance until body memory improves.
On the plus side: I learned two new slow moves, wrap around turn, and turkish point for two :)


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