Skin food

Reducing carbohydrates might improve one’s skin, so I tried some low-carb recipes.

First, some alternatives for bread: walnut bread where flour is replaced with wheat bran and linseed, and linseed-almond bread. Both recipes include curd, and the resulting bakery is rather juicy. It has to be noted that the linseed-almond dough is rather runny, so I used muffin moulds to make conveniently portioned pieces. A third of the recipe’s amount is enough for 6 muffin moulds.


And Kupferfeuer pointed me to the curious case of the spaghetti squash. I have a 1kg specimen on my table and prepared it like the Italians do with pasta – cook it, noodle up the fruit and serve it with tomato sauce. Just enough for two hungry people, nom!

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