Summer salad

Preparing yummy meals for work is complicated when temperatures rise, so I looked into reproducing a yummy vegan salad, called Moroccan salad, we often buy at a local bakery.

Their website says it consists of

  • vegetables stewed in a tajine
  • ¬†tabouleh (couscous and lentils with parsley)
  • hummus


I don’t have a tajine, but I simply put some oil, one tablespoon smushed onions, one eggplant, one courgette and some red peppers (equal amounts in any case) into my big wok, seasoned it with¬†Ras el hanout and chili and simmered it until disintegration was imminent (about an hour).

For the tabouleh, I simmered 150g of red lentils for about 7 minutes (I usually overcook them, so yes: shorter cooking time == less mush). I poured boiling water over 150g bulgur and let it rest for 10 minutes. Mixing lentils and bulgur with lots of parsley and mint leaves finishes this part of the dish.


The combination is incredibly tasty :)

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