Sewing milestones 2014

As I have lots and lots of UFOs lying around, I found La Vivandière’s suggestion to join the Historical Sewing Fortnight to be a good idea as it sets some milestones for me. I’ll do it unofficially and post my finished projects only on my own blog, as I plan to take some liberties on the challenges (I don’t do pink, for example). Also I will probably not be able to do every of the 24 challenges as I just don’t work that fast. Two challenges per month are due.

#1 Make do: I have this pesky Regency pelisse that refuses to look sophisticated. It is my own fault as I chose a very thick fabric that simply is too stiff to look elegant. Spencer would be a better option for this piece.

#2 Innovation: Cycoco! The skirt is done, now it needs a bodice which I have designed and found fabric for.


#3 PinkRed: Red. Yes, red. I have a red Steampunk skirt that is almost finished.

#4 Underthingies: I ought to make Regency stays at some point in 2014. Very baby blue ones.


#5 Bodice: making a Rococo jacket totally counts!

#6 Fairytale: I’ll act as if I’d attend Gala Nocturna this year, and create a beautiful beast with dragonflies and demon horns.


#7 Tops and toes: redoing my tricorne! and making hair pieces!

#8 UFOs & PHDs: I do have a whole hangar of UFOs. I’ll finally finish my winter bustle (it needs a hat). And my spring and autumn gowns will get their sleeves. And so will the venetian renaissance gown.


#9 Black and White: I will finish a wonderful combination.

#10 Art: erm. No idea? maybe recreate a velvet regency gown from a portrait?


#11 The Politics of Fashion: reworking my Star Wars Francaise. What can be more political than a battle-inspired outfit :)

#12 Shape & Support: a Tudor bodice needs to be finished :) and it will have a front closure. Sometimes one needs to undress oneself without the help of a maid :)


#13 Under $10: translated into Euro, this is about 7.  After la vivandière sent me a link to a horrifying story of a woman inhaling a pin she had put in her mouth whilst draping, I’ll make a pin cushion to wear on my wrist.

#14 Paisley & Plaid: Nooooo, not patterns again! Even  stripes are horrible to work with :) but maybe I’ll finish something black and green and stripey.


#15 The Great Outdoors: a coat? I shook hands with the purple-dress fan on a science challenge, and I think I’ll stretch the terms to include science fiction :)

#16 Terminology: I’ll use a joker and do – something :)


#17 Yellow: errr, no thank you. But I could do my black Rococo project instead :)

#18 Poetry in Motion: inspired by dance or poetry. Hmmmmmmm. If I picked Lord Byron’s “She walks in beauty”, anything goes, right? On the other hand I might make a tribal-inspired outfit (e.g. Ghawazee coat or a cover-up). We’ll see.


#19 HSF Inspiration: another joker card. :)

#20 Alternative Universe: maybe more steampunk to come :)


#21 Re-do: maybe a spencer? or a regency dress?

#22 Fort-nightliers Choice: a gift.


#23 Modern History: something historical, wearable everyday. A black chemise :) (I need one, and you technically can wear it as nightgown).

#24 All that Glitters: first I was like “are you kidding me :) “, but then I was like “tribal braaaaaaaa“.


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