A gentle woman for a gentleman

Some lab wear, or: where there is steampunk, there is a top hat. Mine is brown.

Then there’s a white blouse (originally planned for EGA) and a brown leather underbust corset I ordered some time ago. I loved the colours and planned the skirt to match the two shades of brown.
The original corset had shoulder straps which was awesome. But it also was shaped for rather hipless women, so I hacked off quite a bit and reattached the leather trim to create a shorter underbust which at last fits me to some extend.


How about a nice skirt? a nice fishtail from Burda 12 from 2006 came to the rescue (thank you for the tip, BlackAngel)!


It got some trimmings around the seams.

And of course my Neosens boots


Interpol – Pioneer to the falls

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