Rococo pirate – Ghost of the navigator

Since a fabric order had unexpected results, I decided to make something of the 1700s out of 5 meters of this happy fabric


and will top it of with a tricorne and a looking glass.

Shaping and unterthings

A black chemise is worn beneath.

From the fabric remains I made a slightly pirate-y version of the Renaissance stays. And I made a false rump.



First I thought about an Anglaise, but wouldn’t a skirt and jacket look more business? Unfortunately I didn’t have enough fabric to make both pieces, and with a tattoo jacket and a black skirt too much tattoo fabric would remain. So in the end I did made an Anglaise, with a black jupe.

Rump: done, bodice: done, skirt: done. Which means the thing is more or less done, yay. But the jupe might get a layer of ruffles at the bottom, I think. And I wanted to make a row of nautical knots along the vertical Anglaise seams. But I will be too lazy to do that, so I will only make a choker inspired by this belt -for the record: the knot is called Trossenstek. Two colours might look nice.



The hat base (black thick wool) for the tricorne arrived, and I started adding trims. After finishing the hat, I decided the diameter is too large, and I started over by leaving only a 10cm brim to the hat. White feathers have been bought from Atelier Renato.


Wore it to the 2014 summer picnic, had lots of fun in this outfit!


Iron Maiden – Ghost of the navigator

“I have sailed to many lands, now I make my final journey
On the bow I stand, west is where I go
Through the night I plough, still my heart, calculate and pray
As the compass swings, my will is strong, I will not be led astray”