Victorian summer dress

I researched a bit in the aetherwebs and found an amazing white linen coat (it has been sold, so no link anymore…) to go over a bustle. It’s an original so I think I don’t have to hide a carefully sewn linen outfit – they did use linen for elaborate garments after all.

What happened so far – I made a TV261 four-gore underskirt, “avec le pouf”, from dark red linen (I have enough linen and it doesn’t show the dirt as much as lighter colours). I applied netting (adding a layer of something tulle-like) to the back to back up the thin fabric. Thanks to Mme. Kupferfeuer (for helping with the drapery), the underskirt is finished.


  • Overskirt: TV363 1887 Summer Overskirt from about 4 meters of white linen – missing the trims, the side pleats and some big cream-coloured bows.
  • Bodice: a dinner bodice made from red and white linen, with interfacing made from cotton twill.
  • Hat: I have a straw specimen which needs to be trimmed with flowers and stuff. And more stuff.



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