A wedding

Yesterday we went to the wedding of Susanne and Werner. They chose Burg Hohenwerfen for their celebration, so we took an (early) train. We met the Venice-Simplon Orient Express on our way, with its beautiful coaches – all of them oldtimers: Dining Car 4095 L’Oriental for example was built in 1927

Dining Car 4095 L'Oriental

At Hohenwerfen, the wedding was going without any mishaps – apart from the marriage registrar’s speech, wherein he accidentally asked best man to kiss the bride. The wedding party had some fun :)

Afterwards there were lots of food, wine and dancing, and the guests had lots of gifts prepared for the happy couple.

At midnight, the groom lost his jacket and tie, the bride changed into a less elaborate outfit and we started the metal part of the evening – fuuuun!

To Susanne and Werner, I’d like to say: you rock! All the best for you.

Schandmaul – Willst du
( so romantic: this song was played during the exchange of the rings)

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