Anglaise à la Goth

OMG I have pocket hoops! And besides my WTFkoko nothing to wear them with!

And as much as I like the dramatic effect of rococo Watteau pleats, a slim Anglaise back looks more figure-friendly to me.  So I was thinking something like this – mind you, this is most probably not an Anglaise depicted here, but a French court gown with pleats in the back.


But I simply like the overall look.
Then there is the question of what is worn to support this gown – this collection of Anglaise fashion plates suggests that different types of underpinnings were worn, enhancing the hips or the derrière. But as I said before, I opted for hips in this case.

I have in my stash: striped black polyfabric and white lining to enhance the effect of the semitransparent stripes. The JPR Anglaise pattern has arrived as well. The test piece fits really well (thank you for helping with the fitting, BlackAngel!); I only had to take in some fabric at the shoulder seams.

I also was wondering whether I have enough fabric for robe and jupe – turns out: almost. But the Anglaise covers the back of the jupe, so I simply added a rectangle of black cotton at the back.

I decided against trims since the fabric itself is structured, and I did not find matching trims in time.

Head: fiercely teased hair and some ostrich feathers.

Shoes: Neosens Rococo 799

I wore it to the Barockfest at Schloss Hof and had a tremendous evening. My table neighbours called me “Marquise de Sade”. Errrrr, well. I still had lots of fun there :)


And here is la vivandière’s report of events.

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