ATS and music – calling dibs

Some pieces of music I’d like to make a choreography for, sorted by expected difficulty –

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (from their album Mezzanine, 1998)
comes with built-in bellydance percussion and and emotional lyrics.

Juno Reactor – War dogs (Labyrinth, 2004)
rather orchestral eletronic, with Flamenco influences. I think one needs a lot of dancers on stage for this one to reflect its abundance.

How to destroy Angels – The space in between (How to destroy angels, 2010)
A calm, dark piece from Trent Reznors new project HTDA, lyrics courtesy of his wife Maryqueen.

Hocico – Grito de Las Entranas (Disidencia Inquebrantable, 2003)
Dark fusion stuff – brooding and aggressive Industrial


And now I go and practice (everything, and locks and pops).
Should I ever succed, I’ll keep you posted :)



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