Adding to the beacons

“Remember, remember, the leaks of December…”

I take this blog as an opportunity to spread the word about recent events concerning wikileaks, a non-profit organisation dedicated to publish important (and possibly suppressed) information as “raw” and unmodified as possible, only anonymised to protect individuals.

After confidential diplomatic communication between the U.S. and its embassies has been made public just a few days ago, several businesses froze donation services available to support wikileaks. This in turn caused a payback reaction, taking down several major sites of mentioned businesses.

Now another way* of supporting the publication of suppressed information has been proposed: instead of taking down sites, the content of leaked documents shall be summarised and cross-referenced to spread information more efficiently.

What can we do to help?

  • read and spread the word
  • use to search for specific topics in the leaked documents
  • publish summaries of leaked documents together with links to the original document
  • mirror wikileaks

* which, imho, is the better path by far. What would Gandhi do? Peaceful resistance instead of aggression or, as I would like to call it, follow the KILL principle:


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