2010 – a review

From my list of things I tried to achieve in 2010… – and what became of them.

  • work more focused: of course there are still improvements possible (concerning my time management), but I managed to get better with that, trying to stop fragmenting my work.
  • practice the bagpipes more regularly: I did not. Instead I sold them, as they are part of a time in my life that is over.
  • improve my photographic skills: I updated my gallery as often as an occasion presented itself. But I grant you that I could have gone on a nice photowalk more often.
  • grow Japanese lantern flowers (hōzuki); I tried to, but the seeds did not come up. Will repeat this experiment next year.
  • practice archery: I have to admit I have been lazy here. But maybe next year I’ll develop a habit and discover a nice archery parcours.
  • get rid of things I don’t really need anymore: I gave away lots of books I won’t read again, some clothes, and I sold my pipes.
  • backup my all digital stuff: thanks to unison my documents are well synced and backed up.
  • stop caring too much about stuff, stop worrying about things I can’t change, and have fun in life: I got way better with these things.
  • enjoy Vienna’s cultural offer: I’ve been to concerts, the ballet and to museums.

Well – aside from these things, big and small, there have been developments. My mum will move to live nearer to my two sisters, a fact that makes me very happy since she definitely is a family person.
And another happy event is going to take place soon: one of my best friends is going to marry next year (me being her maid of honor, wheeeee).

And that’s pretty much it.

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