DYI Ramen

Since I am not convinced that instant food is exceptionally healthy</sarcasm> I just tried this Shōyu-Ramen recipe, vegetarian style (replacing the meat with courgette). I tried to omit any ingredients containing artificial flavour enhancers. Also I did not add sake and I replaced nori with wakame.

Verdict after a large bowl of the result: NOM.

Now I need unsuspecting human lab rats – any volunteers?

Aah, and I just found the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Curry – I made it several times when I still had access to the cookbook, and it’s a wonderful recipe: roasting spices, grounding them, the smells, the taste when it’s finished…. Nooom. Lab ra- volunteers?

5 thoughts on “DYI Ramen”

  1. Thanks for the hint! I opened that link and immediately had to sprint to the nearest Asia Shop to stop my mouth from watering.
    Noooooooooom :D

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