1885 – stripes of madness

Didn’t I say that stripes look neat? I bought 6m of nice black striped fabric.

TV 362 1884 striped wash overskirt. I cut the apron so the stripes meet in the front, and added lining since the striped fabric is rather flimsy – and I had to improvise since I didn’t have enough black cotton for the lining. I simply applied netting to the upper back of the skirt, success! After some hours of peaceful working and watching Back to the Future III (which contains some nice late bustle dresses and one belle epoch outfit) everything is finished.

TV 261 white underskirt, sans le pouf but with decoration. I’m using white cotton/linen fabric which is impossible to iron. Inspired by Mme. Kupferfeuer’s sewing neatness I even made welt seams.

TV 460 1885 striped cuirass bodice, with a bit of lace at the sleeves to complement the stripes. I’ve made a mock up of the cuirass bodice,¬† the front looks a bit strange. But that could be the flimsy fabric’s fault. Anyway: no pain, no gain I¬†thought and started sewing the striped fabric, lined with black cotton. I found a nice description with pictures on how to cut striped fabrics. She’s right – it’s not possible to keep the stripes straight on all pieces – but I tried my best and I think it looks acceptable.

The sleeves made from the original pattern were way too large around the shoulder, so with Melwen’s and Kupferfeuer’s assistance and mental support I cut and cut and somewhen the sleeves fit. And all rejoiced.

Worn at the Victorian picnic at the WGT 2010 in Leipzig (here’s one on Viona’s page):

Viktorianisches Picknick WGT

And I had a very pleasant shooting with Peter Klerr and Mme. Kupferfeuer – some of the pictures can be found over at Peter’s MK account.

After the velvet wars I’m quite happy that my second Victorian outfit turned out like this.

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