Shrimp and Zoidberg

After one year of frequent discussions with Mme. Kupferfeuer I am now thoroughly brainwashed convinced that Victorian bustles have a certain je ne sais quoi but I want to know what it is, so I started making bustles:

As pattern I used the Mantua Maker 1880s bustle. Of _course_ I had to pick the years where the bustles were at maximum size :) This is one huge steel-eating crustacean – hence the working title Zoidberg.

On the material list I had 2m of cotton twill, 10m of steel boning (13mm wide), 5m of lacing and black band as casing for the steel. I wanted white but did not get any and I was too impatient to search further, so the bustle reminds me of a zebra when looked at from the inside. However I like animals so that’s not a problem with me.


Since some twill was left from making the Zoidberg, I also made a small Mantua Maker bustle – the 1888 version.

After a pleasant afternoon spent at Melwen’s, the thing is ready for being outfitted with a heart of steel, a waistband, a flounce and is officially declared finished.


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