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GO64 Die neue Pflichtlektüre für den wahren C64-Freak!
64er Das Kultmagazin im Internet.
DT Das vielleicht beste deutschsprachige Disk-Mag.
Propaganda Fairlights Magazine (online and as .d64)
C= Hacking A great Zine, check it!!! (mirror in au)


TRIAD one of the best groups ever
Tempest TepesT..
FairLight this is the homepage of Fairlight...
Alpha Flight 1970 they still fly..
XAKK Story, Demos, Linx,...
ACTIVE Actives news and others
Padua a German demogroup
Plush now also present on the net!
Noice check their Art Gallery!
The Sharks .. with a very nice outfit!
No Name Demogroup, Mag: Contrast


Giga C64 speciallized site in Austria
Funet a great site in Finland
Frodo a site in Norway
replay hot pardy stuff and a lot more
Equinoxe in Germany


General FAQ v2.2 A nearly complete FAQ
SID Page Everything about the best sound chip ever
Commodore 8-bit a lot of Information about the C64
CMD products for the C64
Technical Documents inside of the Commodore machines

Private pages

|CaRnagE| C64 Favorites (Games)
Paul's Web Page #64
Jim Brain's Commodore Home Page
GrEeNfRoG's HomePage
PK's Commodore 64 Page - LOADs of fun!
Marc-Jano's Homepage (C64, others..)
Hyxar C=64 Page
The C64-Game Page
Crew 3 (not tested yet)
Lagune Online
Frontpage Online
Index of /lazarus/files/games
Success & The Ruling Company
High Voltage SID Collection

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Commodore FTP Search Suche nach Commodore Programmen

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