One year ago I did my first menswear project – a saintly black coat for Soma to accompany me to the religulous Gala Nocturna 2013. Like many other sewing persons out there, I obtained a commercial pattern of _the_ Black Priestly Coat of Geekdom (+40 Dodge [Bullets]). I made a mock-up, but luckily I did not need to change a thing, just cut and sew the (rather expensive) wool fabric, and use up some awesome lining I had lying around for ages.


The coat is closed with black buttons to resemble a priest’s soutane.


For the final version, Soma wanted metal clasps – which I have not sewn on yet. This fact turned out to be of advantage, as we can go to a Diskworld-themed party in November as Magrat and Lord Vetinari. In fact he liked the coat as it is, so I don’t need to sew on the clasps, yay!

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