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 +====== Installing ======
 +<code bash>
 +sudo aptitude install encfs
 +sudo addgroup <​user_name>​ fuse  # make sure your user is allowed to use fuse
 +# Note that you may need to re-login before you are recognized as member of the "​fuse"​ group
 +====== Creating an encrypted directory ======
 +<code bash>
 +# create directory for encrypted data and a mount point
 +mkdir /​mnt/​data/​data.crypt ​  # the directory with the encrypted data
 +mkdir /​home/​user/​data ​       # the mount point
 +# initialize/​open the encrypted directory
 +encfs  /​mnt/​data/​data.crypt /​home/​user/​data ​ # enter '​p'​ for paranoia mode and choose a password
 +# now copy your super-secret stuff to /​home/​user/​data
 +# when finished
 +sudo umount /​home/​user/​data ​
 +  * encfs DEMANDS absolute paths, otherwise it will not work
 +  * encfs DEMANDS that the mountpoint be empty, otherwise it shows an error message
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